Infinity Scarf

I’m giving a lot of handmade Xmas gifts this year. For my grandma, I made an infinity scarf using this free pattern from Maria’s Blue Crayon. I used Loops & Threads Charisma (bulky, weight 5) from Michaels in Electric Blue.

I messed it up a little bit, so I sewed the tag over that place to try to disguise it. I’m pleased with how well the thread matches the color, since I didn’t have the yarn with me to compare and wasn’t at the store that sells it.

Handmade with Love

I made one for my mom before I made this one, which didn’t come out as well. I’m considering buying more yarn tomorrow and redoing it.

Tiered Air Plant Hanger

Back in October, I started learning to crochet. Someone showed me, and I didn’t quite get it at first. Books and YouTube helped, but when I took the Learn to Crochet class at Joann, I discovered some things I was still doing wrong, I’ve taken another class there since then, practiced a lot, and gotten better. I’m still very much a beginner, but I have finished a few projects and started many more. I thought I’d use this blog to track my projects, progress, and patterns I find.

Tiered Air Plant Hanger

The first project I finished was over Thanksgiving. It is a tiered air plant hanger using Darn Good Yarn Worsted Weight Silk Roving  Yarn in Watercolors. I got my first Darn Good Yarn of the Month box and did not like the cowl pattern it came with, so I searched for something else to do with the yarn. The pattern comes from Radiant Fibers on Etsy. I got the plants from houseplantshop on Etsy.

This was not too difficult to make. I know I didn’t execute it perfectly, but the result is still adorable. I’m making another one for my dad for Christmas because he said he wanted one.